Mission Proven.

CCDW shooters or those new to the use of a holster, a holster is essential for the safe carry and draw of your handgun.  A holster should be worn in such a way that you can draw and present the handgun at the intended target in the shortest and safest direction,

with the shortest arc and economy of movement as possible.  The strong-side hip holster is ideal, which would include the inside-the-pants variety.  Second to strong-side hip is the ankle holster on the inside, weak-side leg. With both of these styles the handgun is drawn and thereafter pointed toward the target with the shortest arc of movement and safest direction.  I don't recommend cross-draw, small of back, etc. for that reason, among others. Also, keep in mind that any holster that requires you to draw

and move the muzzle of a loaded weapon across your body, including your legs, could endanger your safety. The holster

should also allow you to safely re-holster with your strong hand only if possible, without your having to look at or manipulate

the holster. But, remember, if you need to look at the holster.  Don't jam it in or force it without looking!

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Stopping the Threat - Part 3

​​​A holster should hold the firearm securely but not for the reason that people usually think. Although you wouldn't want the handgun to fall to the ground, the holster actually should be designed to prevent someone from taking the handgun from you.  A good holster therefore should have a retention system of some type such as a thumb break (snap, not velcro), tension adjustment screw or other mechanical retention system.  Most CCDW shooters are not trained in weapon retention like a law enforcement officer, so a retention system is very important.  You should also look closely at the method used to secure the holster to your body.  In-the-pants holsters use a belt hook or fasteners usually, and some are more cumbersome than others.

CCDW Tips and Tactics

Holsters - Part 1

CCDW Tips and Tactics

Holsters - Part 2

  The myth of a "Man-Stopping" cartridge is just that - a myth.  The accurate, effective placement of multiple rounds in vital

  areas is the key to stopping threats to your life or the lives of others.  You cannot effectively stop a threat to your life or the

  life of a loved one by shooting someone in the leg or attempting to shoot the gun out of their hand.  These actions are the

  fabrications of Hollywood movies and television.  The only effective way to stop a threat involves the Three Mechanisms of

  Death - Exsanguination (bleeding to death), Disruption/Destruction of the Central Nervous System (CNS; primarily the brain) and    Disruption/Destruction of the Airway.